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Meet our staff!
Victoria is licensed Esthetician in Washington State and has been practicing Esthetics for 9 years. 

She specializes in advanced skin care treatments and absolutely loves and enjoys what she does. The best complement that Victoria can get is when she sees the results in achieving your skin goals. She believes that every person deserves the most beautiful and radiant skin and no matter what your skin been through, it can be improved with proper treatments and home care. Victoria’s goal is customize skin care treatments and to help each client achieve and maintain healthy glow.

Victoria has a vast knowledge and experience in treating complex skin issues such as acne, sensitive and aging skin. To achieve maximum results, Victoria uses the most advanced clinical skin care that is nourishing the skin’s protective barrier, improves the overall health of the skin and preserves the skin’s youthful appearance with long-lasting results. Her massage techniques also help to improve skin elasticity, increase lymphatic drainage, and firm your skin.

Inna Medlock is licensed Esthetician in Washington State. 

She is passionate about her profession and loves working with her clients. Inna began her career in January 2005. This gorgeous esthetician, with a delightful Ukrainian accent, has called the United States home for the past 13 years. 

Learning about new products and treatments is Inna's passion. She has the skills and knowledge to choose the right products for her clients. 

You will feel more beautiful and special after an esthetic session with Inna. She gets many hugs from clients who have been following her for the past 9 years.
Tamara Ross, Esthetician

Tamara has been a licensed esthetician in Washington for 11 years. She also has a degree in graphic design.

She is passionate about treating skin and making you look your best. She prides herself on her product knowledge and ability to recommend a unique skin care regimen tailored to you.

Tamara's loyal clientele will tell you that she has a warm and welcoming personality. She will make you feel pampered whether she's giving you a relaxing facial or the perfect eyebrows.

Krista Taylor LMP

Graduated from Ashmead College in 2004.

She has in-depth experience using deep tissue and Swedish techniques. She is also well versed in prenatal, hot stone, and targeted treatment.

Krista believes that regular massage can make a big difference in her client’s quality of life!
Shawna Esparza, Esthetician and Nutritionist

Graduate of the Nutritional Therapy Association.

She specializes in helping people identify the root cause of their skin conditions such as acne and rosacea. 

Internal health is just as important as external maintenance in achieving healthy skin. Studies now show that diet, hydration, fats and minerals balance, and even stress and poor sleep, can all effect the health and appearance of skin. 

Shawna will do an in depth assessment and give you some answers into why your skin may not be looking it's best. She will then work with you to develop a complete plan that will help you get the radiant skin you deserve.