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PCA (Physician’s Choice of Arizona Peel) Advanced Skin System is unique blend of exfoliating acids that are enhanced with tyrosinase inhibitors, antioxidants and polyphenols to address a wide range of skin types and conditions. The choice of peel is determined during the client’s initial consultation, and is based upon the client’s examination and areas of concern. The level of peeling varies from client to client, and is dependent upon not only the peel selected, but also the individual client’s skin.
PCA Peel treats:
Mature skin: fine lines, wrinkles
• Treats pigment discoloration and redness
Alleviate all grades of acne, scarring
Melasma (Pregnancy mask)
Dehydrated skin
Helps to unclog pores
Refines skin texture
Improves menopausal, smoker's, aging and sun-damaged skin

***First visit is 30-45 minutes, additional series treatments are 15-30 min.

Price - $125 and up
Add booster - $20
Series of 3 - $345
Series of 6 - $600

This is a non-invasive skin resurfacing treatment that addresses vast range of complexion imperfections. The skin’s top layer is gently but deeply exfoliated without irritating the skin. It’s safe simple, painless, and results are immediate. It is very effective for the treatment of fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, mild acne scarring, and enlarged pores. It will improve sun-damaged skin, and help to enhance the penetration of products used after this treatment.  You will leave the room with more polished, smoothed and rejuvenated skin.
Series of treatment might be offered to achieve maximum results.

Reduces the appearance of sun damage
Softens fine lines and wrinkles
Minimizes large pores
Gives the skin an overall fresh, polished look
Creates a healthy glow
Stimulates collagen growth
Increases cellular turnover

Not recommended for skin with capillary problems. One week prior to this treatment, stop using acne medications, such as Retin-A, do not exfoliate your skin with harsh scrubs or acid peels and absolutely no tanning.

Face and Neck - $100
Add Decollete - $25
Add Mask - $15
Series of 3 - $270
Series of 6 - $480

​This antioxidant treatment corrects and prevents free radical damage.
It promotes healthier skin by stimulating oxygenation and circulation 
for the purpose of treating acne and rejuvenating sluggish and 
stressed skin. Skin will be smooth, purified and glowing.

Improves blood flow and circulation
Encourages skin to do its natural detoxification process
Controlling bacteria within the follicle
Exfoliates dead cells while hydrating the skin
Reduces the inflammation
Treats acne
Rejuvenates sluggish and stressed skin

30 minutes - $100

It is natural fruit acid peel and non-irritating rapid exfoliator. That means that it works fast to slough off dead skin cells and Lactic can be more suited to those who prefer a gentler peel or for more sensitive skin types. Lactic Acid peel is recommended for those that are new to peels and exfoliating agents in skin care products, as well as those that have used other exfoliators for a long period and want to improve results. Fruit acids are nontoxic, naturally occurring substances, and are found in a variety of fruits, such as grapes, apples, sour milk and sugar cane. It is excellent for all skin types and especially for sensitive skin.
Can be performed in a series, one time per week for up to 8 visits, depends upon the individual need.

Increases cell turnover
Revitalizes the skin
Reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles
Helps to improve acne or oily skin
Restores PH balance of the skin
Hydrates the skin.

Contraindications: Those peels are not recommended for Accutane, Retin-A or Renova users, pregnant or nursing mothers, or for people with open wounds or suspicious lesions.

30 minutes - $70
Add to a facial or microdermabrasion - $30 

The smoothing body peel exfoliates, brightens, hydrates and softens the skin. This treatment uses nourishing ingredients to promote an even skin tone and clear complexion on the arms, legs, back, chest, hands and feet.

$150 - $400

Legs - $400
Back - $200 and up
Chest - $150 and up
Feet - $75 and up
Neck - $50
Hands - $40 and up

If this is your first time getting a facial peel at Cascade Day Spa, please arrive 15 minutes early to ensure you have enough time to fill out any necessary forms and to receive your skin consultation.