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Eye brows - $15 and up
Eye brows shaping - $20
Lip or chin - $13 and up
Nose - $20
Ears - $10
Sides - $15
Eye brows, lip and chin - $35 and up
Whole Face wax - $50

BIKINI WAXING: (Including belly)

Regular bikini - $25
French bikini - $35
Brazilian - $60 and up
Maintenance Brazilian - $50 and up
(if scheduled within 3-5 weeks)
Buttocks - $15 and up


Half arm - $30 (both)
Full arm - $50 (both)
Underarm - $20 and up
Half leg - $40 and up
Full leg - $70 (both) and up
Back wax – $60 and up
Chest wax - $60 and up


Regular bikini with Half leg - $60 and up
Regular bikini with Full leg - $85 and up
French bikini with Half leg – $70 and up
French bikini with Full leg - $100 and up
Brazilian with Half leg - $95 and up
Brazilian with Full leg - $130 and up


Brow tinting - $20
Lash tinting - $25
Brow and lash tinting - $40

We use NuFree wax. The gold standard in hair removal systems, is the only safe, soy-based antimicrobial liquid hair removal system that makes your skin silky and smooth to touch. Read more information about this hair removal system under PRODUCTS.
Contraindications for waxing: During 72 hrs before and after the treatment you should avoid: products containing acids, Retin-A or other topical acne treatments. No tanning allowed for 48 hrs before and after treatment. Clients taking Accutane should not receive waxing treatments.

How to prepare for waxing appointment:
Hair should be at least ¼ th of an inch
• Do not trim or shave your hair before the treatment
• If this is your first time, we recommend taking Ibuprofen 45 minutes before your appointment, helps minimize any discomfort
We do not recommend having your waxing procedure when you are on your cycle or 3 days before and after. 
Do not drink alcohol before getting waxed, since alcohol makes the skin sensitive. It dilates the blood vessels in the skin resulting in slow blood circulation.